Claudio Pacozzi.

Training Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs)


I attended training at AQS on safety performance indicators (SPIs), which focused on monitoring and measuring safety performance in an aviation company.

  • Understanding requirements for SPIs
  • Understanding elements of an SMS, e.g. the risk management process
  • Awareness of duties & responsibilities
  • Ability to integrate and develop SPIs relevant to the SMS in your organisation




Easy Access Rules for Air Operations (Rev 19)

Finally the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published revision 19 of the Easy Access Rules for Air Operations.

Both documents are available for free download on the EASA website in pdf format.



Starting Risk Based IOSA

For many years, the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) has been a globally recognized industry standard for promoting and ensuring airline operational safety. To conduct this assessment, IATA, in collaboration with its industry partners, continuously develops the IOSA Standards and Recommendations (ISARPs).

Today, airlines require an IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) that focuses on individual areas of potential safety risk, rather than applying a “one-size-fits-all” approach. With the new risk-based approach, the scope of the audit is tailored to each airline. In addition, this new approach includes a maturity assessment of the airline’s safety-critical systems and programs.

This focus on relevant safety risks while maintaining safety levels increases audit effectiveness and contributes to the industry’s overall goal of reducing accidents.

As a member of an international audit team accompanied by an IATA representative, I was able to participate in the first two risk-based IOSAs in Europe as an auditor in the areas of flight operations, cabin and dispatch. This initial experience will help us to further adapt and expand the program.


Revision of Easy Access Rules for Air Operations and Aircrew

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published revisions of the Easy Access Rules for Air Operations including all Amendements up to Regulation (EU) 2021/2237 and for Aircrew including all Amendements up to Regulation (EU) 2021/2227.

Finally both Easy Access documents incorporate all current amendements.

Both documents are available for free download on the EASA website in pdf format.



Sokrates Map Concept

I am working together with the SokratesGoup team for quite some months now on various projects. Perhaps we can also support you and your company in the current COVID-19 situation and together explore a sustainable exit from the crisis.

Interview published on LinkedIn


IOSA Auditor for Aviation Quality Services (AQS)

After the training to become an auditor for IOSA and SMS expert and risk assessor, I performed two IOSA audits under the supervision of a qualified auditor. After these challenging assignments I am now fully released by IATA as an IOSA auditor for the scopes Flight, Cabin and Dispatch.

My next assignment for IOSA will start in three weeks. Looking forward …

Further infos regarding the IOSA program can be found on

Certified SMS Expert and Risk Assessor

I have just completed a Safety Management System and Risk Assessment Training at Aviation Quality Services GmbH in Frankfurt. During this 5-day training I have acquired additional theoretical and practical knowledge in the implementation and handling of an SMS as well as in the execution of hazard analysis, risk assessment and risk mitigation according to the requirements of ICAO and EASA.

I am happy to offer you my support in setting up a Safety Management System that meets your needs and legal requirements.

For further information please contact me by mail or
mobile phone +41 79 769 7778

IOSA Auditor Training

During a five-day comprehensive training program at Aviation Quality Services AQS, I gained profound knowledge on the IOSA documentation system, typical organizational structure of airlines, including size and functions. I was provided with the necessary skills and techniques in auditing.

This also means that I will be available as a sparring partner or for consulting services in case you want to become compliant according to the IOSA standards.