Claudio Pacozzi.

Easy Access Rules for Basic Regulation (EU) 2018/1139

EASA has published the Basic Regulation 2018/1139 in an easy-to read format (including advanced navigation features).

The documents are available for free download from the EASA website.


the next generation

I had the chance to participate in an IOSA audit at a Spanish airline last week.
There is a huge group of very enthusiastic young people working at the head quarter. All of them well educated and qualified. These young aviation professionals are all highly motivated and willing to accept accountability.

It was a real pleasure to work with these high potentials. The aviation industry needs professionals like them!

Thank you for this great experience.



IOSA Auditor for Aviation Quality Services (AQS)

After the training to become an auditor for IOSA and SMS expert and risk assessor, I performed two IOSA audits under the supervision of a qualified auditor. After these challenging assignments I am now fully released by IATA as an IOSA auditor for the scopes Flight, Cabin and Dispatch.

My next assignment for IOSA will start in three weeks. Looking forward …

Further infos regarding the IOSA program can be found on

EASA Easy Access Rules for Air Operations and for Aircrew

The easy access rules contain the technical requirements and administrative procedures in a consolidated, easy-to-read format with advanced navigation features through links and bookmarks.

The documents are available for free download from the EASA website.



Certified SMS Expert and Risk Assessor

I have just completed a Safety Management System and Risk Assessment Training at Aviation Quality Services GmbH in Frankfurt. During this 5-day training I have acquired additional theoretical and practical knowledge in the implementation and handling of an SMS as well as in the execution of hazard analysis, risk assessment and risk mitigation according to the requirements of ICAO and EASA.

I am happy to offer you my support in setting up a Safety Management System that meets your needs and legal requirements.

For further information please contact me by mail or
mobile phone +41 79 769 7778

IOSA Auditor Training

During a five-day comprehensive training program at Aviation Quality Services AQS, I gained profound knowledge on the IOSA documentation system, typical organizational structure of airlines, including size and functions. I was provided with the necessary skills and techniques in auditing.

This also means that I will be available as a sparring partner or for consulting services in case you want to become compliant according to the IOSA standards.




Ready for a change?

Insolvency of SkyWork Airlines AG

“If we don’t get any new money by tomorrow noon, we’ll have to stop flying!” This sentence from our managing director came completely unexpected for me and my colleagues from the operational management. We all worked on some challenging projects, and nobody assumed that we were in financial difficulties at that time.

Unfortunately, this happened and the next day we had to stop flying and file for bankruptcy. Late at night, once the last flight landed at Bern Airport, the employees and the public were informed. So, from one day to the next I lost my most exciting job as a Manager Flight Operations.

This was two months ago. In the meantime, as part of the core team, I helped to shut down the company in a controlled manner. It was and is difficult to make these experiences! But I have learned to deal with it openly. After some disappointment, anger and frustration of the first few days, I was able to focus on what I could now learn during the insolvency work. And there was a lot to learn. I was able to gain lots of experiences. Experiences I didn’t want to gain. Now I have them, hoping not to use them again.

I openly admit that I had difficult days in between and had to motivate myself very much to a positive point of view.

Now I am again free in my head and I look forward to new assignments and challenges at CLAUDIO PACOZZI. I am glad that I was able to maintain my positive mood during this difficult period.



Safety Precautions – Portable Electronic Devices

EASA just published a revision to the Safety Informations Bulletin (SIB) regarding safety precautions to the transport of portable electronic devices containing lithium batteries.

For more details visit the EASA website or open this link EASA_SIB_2017-04R1_1


Updated EASA Material


Executive Director Decision 2017/022/R of 8 December 2017

amended the Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material to Part-FCL, Part-ARA and Part-ORA of Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011

For more information follow this link to ED Decision 2017/022/R


Executive Director Decision 2017/023/R of 13 December 2017

amended the Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material to Part-ORO and Part-CAT of Regulation (EU) No 965/2012

for more informations follow this link to ED Decision 2017/023/R


Implementation of PBN privileges

Some weeks ago, Swiss FOCA informed all instrument rated holder of a Swiss pilot license about the fact, that the pilots will need to be trained and tested in regard to their knowledge of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) as from 25th of August 2017.

The new FOCA Form 60.530 was published some days ago and is now available on the FOCA website. Apart from the obvious tick box for “IR check incl. PBN privileges” additional changes have been applied in regard to 2D- and 3D approaches. Please adjust your training and checking programs accordingly. Further information can be found on the FOCA “PBN” website (Link).

See front page of   TR MP & ATPL EASA Aug2017 (Link)